DMC Lamborghini Upgrades and Cost

You recently struck it rich and bought your ultimate dream car. The Lamborghini Aventador. Now you make new friends because all your current friends are haters and disrespect your car physically. Now all your new friends have the same car. Putting on new decorative wraps isn’t enough. Everyone knows it’s wrapping paper. It still isn’t special. What do you do next?
You contact Platinum Motorsport and get cosmetic parts from DMC, Novitec, Mansory, etc. Here’s a video breaking down the cost for upgrades. Keep in mind these are just cost for the parts. It doesn’t include labor and the time it sits at the shop.

Exchange rate for 1 pound is 1.35 US Dollar. (FYI when you watch video below)

Mansory – Let’s say you can get yourself into Aventador for $450,000 USD. Some major upgrades can go for another $500,000+ USD. Is it worth it? If your pockets are deep as F, then yes. Whatever floats your boat.

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