ManHart Audi RS5

I always thought the RS5 didn’t sound right. You’re spending big bucks to get big performance and glamour. Unfortunately with everyone going small and turbocharging, manufacturers sacrifice lustful sounds it makes that is imperative to high performance cars you expect.

Per Shmee…

The biggest flaw found in the new Audi RS5 is by far the weak sound that comes from the exhaust, so what happens when Manhart do their best to fix that? Let’s find out! Not only a new exhaust system, but the Manhart RS500 also features a performance increase to 500PS and 700Nm… not too shabby!

With the stock car offering just 450PS and 600Nm, the performance increase can be felt from the MHtronik box. In addition the car features new KW suspension, Manhart Concave ONE wheels, a design styling package and of course the Manhart exhaust system to give us more noise from the biturbo V6.

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